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Neelu Saraswatibhatla
Final year Computer Science student at the University of Cambridge
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A revision website for Advanced Higher maths used by thousands of students every year
Image Compressor
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An image compressor which uses the k-means clustering algorithm to compress images and can easily be extended to add additional compression algorithms
CST PPQ Tracker
Image of CST PPQ Tracker
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Past paper question tracker for the Cambridge Computer Science Tripos Part IB, including web scraper to fetch questions by course
Sequent Calculus Theorem Prover
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Haskell LogoOCaml Logo
A propositional logic theorem prover using sequent calculus with implementations in Haskell and OCaml
Image of Dijkstroute
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An implementation of Dijkstra's algorithm to find a route from the start point to the end point of a maze, or the shortest such route if multiple exist
Advanced Higher Maths Revision
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An older version of (see above)
Earley Parser
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An implementation of the Earley parser algorithm in TypeScript and in Python to parse natural language sentences
Register Machine
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An implementation of a register machine with three instructions: halt, increment, and decrement
Equation Solver
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A website that solves simultaneous equations in any number of variables using inverse matrices
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Software Development Experience
Volemic (internship)
JavaScript LogoReact LogoPython LogoHTML LogoCSS Logo
Role: Software Engineer Intern
August 2022 - September 2022
Revamped the dashboard to give it a modular structure, allowing it to load faster and be expanded easily, and improved overall appearance of the dashboard
Softwire (internship)
Swift LogoSwiftUI LogoTypeScript LogoNode.js Logo
Role: Software Engineer Intern
June 2022 - August 2022
Developed an iOS AppClip using SwiftUI to book train tickets with LNER with a team of other interns. Created new REST endpoints using TypeScript on the LNER app middleware to interface with new APIs such as National Rail’s Darwin for live departure information
Volemic (internship)
JavaScript LogoReact LogoPython LogoHTML LogoCSS LogoSQL Logo
Role: Software Engineer Intern
December 2021 - January 2022
Developed a dashboard to visualise email statistics and adjust settings using React, and contributed to other parts of the frontend and backend using JavaScript, Python, and SQL while gaining familiarity with AWS Amplify, Lambda, and Cognito

Tutoring Experience
Role: Tutor
August 2021 - February 2022
Tutoring students applying to study Computer Science at various universities including Cambridge
Role: Volunteer Tutor
July 2021 - Present
Tutored students applying to study Computer Science and related courses at Cambridge
First Class Learning Edinburgh
Role: Maths and English Tutor
February 2019 - February 2020
Tutored students aged 5 - 16 in Maths and English